Let Me Be Perfectly Clear...

Because Democrats and their Wall Street cronies continue to lie about their symbiotic partnership and mutually beneficial role in obstructing critically needed regulatory reform of corrupt GSE’s and the sub-prime market they spawned, and the partisan press continues to cover it up, it’s necessary to remind the voters of just how we got here.

Especially since a large part of the American people were apparently sleeping two short years ago, and because our frantic warnings went unheeded.

What was the catalyst?

The Obama Administration has repeated every “mistake” made by FDR.

The result of those failed policies… We’re on the precipice of the Obama Depression.

Sadly, I suspect that nearly half of the American people may be too soft and will find themselves ill-equipped to endure such hardship.

If honesty, integrity and fiscal sanity are not returned to Washington this election cycle, and the “boot” is not removed from the throat of our economic engine, the Great Depression will seem like a cake-walk in comparison.