100 Hours:

A devastating new video from Keep America Safe asks the question.

Keep America Safe: “100 Hours” from Keep America Safe on Vimeo.

If that wasn’t telling enough…

There’s this.

Liz Cheney’s Response to President Obama’s National Security Remarks

“Pausing the transfer of al-Qaeda terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to Yemen is insufficient to ensure the security of the United States. If President Obama is serious about keeping the American people safe, he should reverse his irresponsible and ill-advised decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

He should reverse his decision to usher terrorists from Guantanamo onto U.S. soil. He should reverse his decision to bring the mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to New York. He should reverse his decision to give KSM and other terrorists the rights of Americans and the benefit of a criminal trial in an American civilian court.

He should immediately classify Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day bomber, as an illegal enemy combatant, not a criminal defendant. He should inform Attorney General Holder that he will no longer allow the Justice Department to treat terrorism as a crime instead of an act of war, nor will he allow them to investigate or prosecute CIA officials who kept us safe after 9/11, or disbar or otherwise punish the lawyers who provided the legal framework for programs that saved American lives.

President Obama has weakened American security by treating terror as a law enforcement matter, refusing to use every tool at his disposal to prevent attacks, and taking his eye off the ball. America’s homeland security and counterterrorism systems will continue to erode in the absence of strong, consistent, unwavering presidential stewardship. It’s time for the President to make defending this nation his top priority.”


There was no “systemic” failure of the intelligence community. The breakdown occurred because of the widespread failure of political correctness by President Obama and his political appointees who oversee the intelligence community, their failure to take national security seriously and their inability to correctly identify radical Islam as the enemy.

The facts are numerous and undeniable. Since President Obama was elected, we have become “less safe.”