No individual rights are acknowledged or protected by the Islamic Republic of Iran...

The Iranian people do not have the right to have their voices heard, nor do they have the right to participate in free and fair elections. The State grants privileges only to those who conform. That’s the black-and-white of reality.

President Obama’s Cairo Capitulation™ instilled a sense of “hope” throughout much of the Middle East. Apparently, it was only false-hope, because his inaction has since proven beyond all doubt that his speech was just words.

That said, President Obama’s equivocation regarding the clearly fraudulent results of Iran’s presidential election and his refusal to take a stand in defense of Liberty have sealed the fate of the fledgling reform movement, and consequently, the immediate future looks very bleak for the Iranian people.

President Bush stood with the Iraqi people, an oppressive dictator was justly removed and the cause of Liberty was advanced.

Following President Obama’s equivocation and inaction, I’m curious to know how much time will pass before the damage to the cause of Liberty can be undone and the Iranian people are willing to trust the words or motives of an American president?