Will the Real Texas TEA Party Please Stand Up?

OK, Texas it’s time for a bit of tough love.

It’s been said by more than a few people over the last couple years that the TEA Party is dead. We’ve proven at many points that we’re alive and well, across the nation as well as here in Texas. We’ve had plenty of battles in the last several years and are nearing the end of one of the longest primary election seasons in the history of the state.

But we’re not done yet.

In less than two weeks the runoff election will be over and your voice as Texans for this election cycle will have been exhausted. Your vote won’t make a difference this November but it will be a deciding factor in the runoff election for US Senate and your down-ballot runoff elections.

Turnout for the May 29th primary was about 1.5 million Republican voters statewide and turnout is expected to be half of that, or less, between the start of early voting next monday and election day on July 31st.

Your vote will never be more powerful!

Your vote, however, is not all that’s required of you. It’s time to volunteer. Thanks to modern technology you can call from home very easily and help alert fellow conservatives to the critical nature of this race and help turn them out to vote.

TEA Partiers have been energized by Ted Cruz and pushed to get him to this point but letting off now will be to fail at the most critical hour.

As I’ve talked to folks over the last few weeks and heard stories from campaign staff on all levels of campaigns I’ve heard lots of excuses for why folks aren’t showing up to volunteer: “Phone banking isn’t really my thing,” “I’m not good on the phones,” and others have been rattled off all too frequently.

This is when TEA Party members SHOULD be showing up. This is where true conservatives SHOULD bet getting out of their comfort zone to produce results.

Picking up a few yard signs or waving them on street corners isn’t enough. Posting on facebook and twitter is great but it’s not enough. You need to get active and help out.

Yes, it’s summer. Yes, everyone is tired of robo calls, politics, and being bothered but the race is not over yet. No votes have been cast and none have been counted.

Ted is up in the polls and fundraising very well but we cannot slow down and cannot quit. If this race matters to you then you need to step up.

Email [email protected] and he’ll get you set up to phone bank from home or help plug you in to the phone bank nearest to your location.

It’s time to finish strong!