Man to Watch in the PA Senate Race: John Vernon

The last week or so I’ve been hearing more and more buzz about the GOP Senate Primary in Pennsylvania. Among the several candidates seeking the job, it seems that John Vernon is coming out pretty strong and new polling is showing a strong initial lead.

Sen. Bob Casey’s favorable rating is sitting at 47% right now, one point less than Obama’s. Against a generic GOP opponent he’s taking 45% among independents.

John, as well as several of the other Republicans running for the seat, is of the TEA Party persuasion but his added military and leadership experience drew strong support in the polling and pushed him to the head of the pack. In a head to head matchup against the rest of the announced GOP Primary field, Vernon took 29%, nearly twice the percentage of the second place finisher (15%).

With Casey showing vulnerability and Vernon making a strong showing among GOP primary voters he’s definitely somebody to watch as the election cycle heats up!