The Problem with Carly

This morning, the left side of the internet is all agog with speculative frenzy that Hillary will become our first female president. Hillary Clinton has just announced to the surprise of no one but Biden that, yes, she really truly will claim her birthright and seek to be president in 2016.

On the right side of the internet, there is speculation in some quarters that Carly Fiorina, Republican, is just the person who can stop Hillary. And the appeal is obvious: Fiorina has become an outspoken critic of Hillary, uniquely positioned in the field of likely GOP candidates to defang Clinton on her one (only?) qualification for the White House: her gender.

And in a Carly vs Hillary matchup, it’s easy to see how the former HP CEO wins it, hands-down.

  • Fiorina rose through her merits; Hillary rode on her husband’s coattails.
  • Fiorina, as CEO of a large corporation, has actually run something; Hillary is a bureaucrat
  • Fiorina cut jobs to save money; Hillary fired no one and the State Dept lost $6 billion.
  • Fiorina sent jobs overseas; Hillary sent herself overseas, famously seeing the world on our dime

And, unlike Hillary, Carly’s indecisiveness didn’t lead to the death of four Americans.

But the problem with Carly isn’t her enthusiasm in going after the grandiose grandma. It’s that she herself is a flawed candidate. You see, in 2010, Fiorina challenged [mc_name name=’Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’B000711′ ] for her seat. Unsurprisingly, Carly took hits from the media for being mean by killing jobs, sending work overseas, and being out-of-touch rich. The attacks on Fiorina’s Hewlett-Packard became the template for Bain Capital two years before Mitt Romney ran.

So what? Well, 2010 was a great year for Republicans, as they retook the House of Representatives by winning 63 seats.  Landslide.  Historic. Shellacking.

Yet, Fiorina, with the electoral wind at her back, couldn’t knock off a career politician with very little to show in accomplishments.  And with all this going for her, Fiorina couldn’t even muster 43% of the vote as Ma’am Boxer won by 10 points.

While Carly is entertaining, vicious, and effective as an attack dog, a politician that couldn’t win in 2010 isn’t one that should be put up in 2016, especially with the impact of the Bain attacks so fresh in voters’ minds. Fiorina may be uniquely qualified to hit Hillary on gender issues and the former First Lady’s lack of a single accomplishment as Secretary of State. But her own electoral record reveals Fiorina as a flawed candidate, and prepares Carly to be nothing more than possible VP fodder.


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