The Left's Evolution of Tolerance

We’re so lucky we live in such a tolerant, enlightened society.

There are backward parts of the world where women are stoned to death for wearing the wrong kind of dress. There are some backwaters stuck in the Middle Ages where gays are publicly hanged. These actions are to punish the “perpetrators” for their deeds. But another purpose is to set an example to others: if you don’t follow our established laws and norms, there will be consequences, and you will suffer. This mentality is stuck in the Dark Ages, where thought is monolithic, where conformity is demanded, and where punishment is swift, public, and extreme.

Good thing we don’t live in a place like that!

Instead, we live in an enlightened world where Brendan Eich, founder and CEO of Mozilla, is forced to resign for his views on traditional marriage. And it’s not just his personal beliefs: he even donated a whole $1,000 to support his beliefs, six years ago. This sort of behavior cannot stand. Repent, Mr Eich, or accept your public flogging!

Specifically, he must prostrate himself before his betters and announce publicly that he has sinned; he must thank his inquisitors for their forbearance and beg for their forgiveness and charity; and, perhaps most sinister of all, he must start tithing to a church of their choice lest he be refused redemption and ostracized like a common leper.

A keen observer snapped a photo of Mr Eich under gentle questioning from the left:

Brandon Eich gets re-educated
Brendan Eich is asked to reconsider his position.

Eich donated money to a cause in which he believes. And not just any cause, but for supporting the radical notion that marriage is between a man and a woman. The same crazy idea that has been the societal norm around the world for thousands of years. The same fanciful thought backed by a majority of Prop 8 voters in a state known for being liberal.

Eich was run out of town for believing the same thing that Obama believed until just before the 2012 election. This spells trouble. If one’s stance in 2008 opposing gay marriage disqualifies one from being a chief executive, then Hillary is clearly not qualified to become president.

But that was back in the ancient days of 2008. In 2014, society has “evolved.” Suddenly, public officials are clamoring to not be the last one to grab the caboose of the Enlightenment Express. Gay marriage is suddenly one of the central tenets in the religion of liberalism. This past week, we saw liberals demand arrest of those who deny the pillar of Truth that is climate change, as well as an Internet lynch mob call for the firing of someone who wouldn’t repent for opposing gay marriage. Arrest those who deny a climate theory, and fire those who believe the Bible… and we’re the intolerant ones! Today’s world demands that we pay tribute to these “progressive” dogmas or suffer consequences. Fire a guy for his personal views on marriage? Tell me more how tolerant you are!

Oh, but he wasn’t fired; he quit for the good of the company. This is like saying that the intolerant mutiny didn’t make the captain walk the plank; he just went for a swim for the good of the boat. The same people who demand you stay out their bedroom now insist on following you into your polling booth. Employers should pay for birth control, but keep your nose out of our private life, while at the same time employees are poking into the private life of their employers. Progress!

It’s a good thing we’re nothing like those civilizations that stone their citizens for failing to adhere to strict dogmas. We are blessed to live in a country of inclusion, diversity, and tolerance, so long as you think like our rule-making elitists. And thank God for a society that chills debate to encourage conformity or suffer strict consequences.

For we have evolved to be nothing like those backwards totalitarian worlds ruled by fascists where people are punished for their beliefs. We have advanced to be distinct from places that hang those who deviate from the demanded conformity. Progressive, indeed.

The persecuted have become the persecutors, and they lack the self-awareness to recognize it. Thank goodness we are nothing like intolerant societies that are ruled by mobs. We have evolved.

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