Obama is not a Cult Leader

Not long ago, the White House referred to the Republican Party as a cult. This may or may not be true, but what we know for sure is that President Obama is definitely not a cult leader.

The dictionary defines “cult” as:

A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

Whether you agree with the current administration or not, we can all agree that it is not a cult. Let’s break it down.

Religion or religious sect

The Obama administration is not a religion or religious sect. Sure, it has certain dogma and set of fixed beliefs that it and its followers rigidly believe. Pillars of the Obama administration include such emotional and debunked ideologies such as a unwavering faith in things like abortion, global warming, and gun control.  All of these beliefs are deeply held by the current administration, and its followers, with a religiously fervent passion that has the impressive faith of a child. But just because a group of people uniformily and vehemently support a set of ridiculous beliefs that go against facts doesn’t make it a religion.


Supporters of Obama and his positions are not extremists.  Sure, against the grain of popular opinion, Obama fans support abortion after Week 20, want stricter gun laws, and oppose the Keystone Pipeline. But just because they’re out of step with the majority of Americans on each of these important issues that are core to their strange belief system doesn’t make them “extremists.”

Under the Guidance of a Ruler who is Authoritarian

Come on… “authoritarian” is such a harsh word.  We prefer to think of Obama’s leadership style as “unilateral” “suggestions,” enforced by the loving embrace of government harassment.  This is because Obama knows what is best for us, and it is not fair to have him stymied by a do-nothing Congress.  So when he says he will bypass Congress, when he signs Executive Orders to restrict gun rights, exempts his buddies from a burdensome law, or even changes that law based on whim, it’s because he is using his power for good. And that doesn’t make it authoritarian. And besides, he even told us, “I am not a dictator.” That settles it!

Similarly, when President Obama puts a filmmaker in jail, harasses conservatives with the IRS, collects information on everyone in the country, targets a guitar maker who just happened to oppose him, or indicts a conservative who put out a documentary critical of him, this is his loving way of embracing us with the power of the government. And his big strong arms are the powerful biceps of the federal government. Hooray for hugs!

 …And a Charismatic Leader

There is no shortage of evidence of how beloved Obama is by his followers. But why must we hold this love of Obama against him? It’s not his fault that he attracts people. Whatever it is that draws his minions to him, can we really call it charisma?  And it’s a fact that President  “Leading From Behind” definitely is not a leader.  While people are drawn to him like a moth to a flame (and possibly with the same result for the country), it’s not because he’s charismatic, and he is definitely not a leader.

In Conclusion

Well, I hope this factual and methodical defense of Obama settles it then, once and for all. President Obama is many things, but because none of the checkboxes are ticked off, the president is not leader and his followers are not a cult, even if they do seem to drink the Kool-Aid.

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