Charging Dinesh: Obama Tries to Jail Another Filmmaker

Just a few weeks ago, the media and the left (but I repeat myself) were outraged over New Jersey’s chief executive using the power of government to punish his political enemies. Gov Chris Christie was accused of closing a couple of lanes to a bridge, and this was evidence that he was not fit to lead our great country.

Now, Dinesh D’Souza has been indicted by the federal government for allegedly running afoul of campaign finance laws. If true, these are serious charges, and no one here is saying it’s a good thing to break the law.


Doesn’t it make you just a little bit curious that this is the same right-leaning pundit who produced a very critical anti-Obama documentary leading up to the 2012 election? We don’t yet know for sure what D’Souza did. We don’t need to be a D’Souza fan to assess the response of the right, and the level of fairness and justice applied from the left.

Some of the same folks who flocked to the filmmaker in 2012 when he was successful now abandon him. But come on. It’s not like the Obama administration is above reproach for using the power of government to hurt its political foes and help its friends. Stop and look at this FBI indictment against the backdrop of (a very partial) recent history:

And now Obama’s FBI (an arm of the very virtuous Eric Holder Department of Justice) is targeting a conservative filmmaker. Counting that crappy YouTube guy imprisoned for a “probation violation,” this makes the second high-profile film maker the Obama administration is trying to put behind bars. Hey, Hollywood, tell me more how much you care about freedom of speech.

The same Department of Justice that now claims to be so concerned about the electoral process to mandate a “zero tolerance” approach to it found no wrongdoing in the New Black Panther voter intimidation case where racist thugs wielded nightsticks outside a polling booth. No, not political at all. Because Holder is all about “zero tolerance.”

Liberals rally around their own, no matter how guilty. Remember, the first impulse of Democrats was to defend alleged serial groper Bob Filner against charges, and defend serial pervert Anthony Weiner. And Democrats still defend Ted Kennedy, who let a woman die, and give impeached perjuring adulterer Bill Clinton a keynote spot at their convention. Yet, some on the right have hastily fled from the courageous D’Souza, not giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Thought exercise: After the success of “Fahrenheit 9/11,” if George W Bush indicted Michael Moore for being caught red-handed in a huge, heinous hamburger heist, how would liberals have reacted? You know the left would’ve spent weeks holding a FirstAmendmentPalooza at the White House gate. U2’s Bono would be featured in very serious PSAs running hourly on all TV networks about political prisoners right here in America. Michael Moore would be transformed from just a fat hack in a cap to our very own heroic Nelson Mandela. Obama would say that if he had a brother, he’d look like Michael Moore.

Oh wait. Obama does have a brother. And he was featured in that movie made by Dinesh D’Souza. Let’s get back to that.

If true, aren’t the charges against D’Souza horrible enough to reopen Alcatraz, chain Dinesh to a stake outside, and summon a SharkNado? Maybe, but justice doesn’t merely demand penalties for wrongdoing. Justice also demands penalties be applied fairly. And if you’ve heard Obama open his boring yapper the past 2 years, he’s all about equality and fairness. So let’s look at how justice has been applied, and whether the Dinesh indictment seems fair.

Keep in mind: D’Souza is accused of (and pleads not guilty to) making an illegal donation of $20,000. Let’s look at how the “zero tolerance” Obama administration has treated others besides the innocent beret-wearing angels of the New Black Panthers.

Remember Jon Corzine? Sure you do. He was the Democrat honcho who bundled campaign cash for Obama, then, when he moved on and was involved in a banking disaster, testified he had no idea where $1.6 billion dollars went. Oopsie! Outcome? No criminal charges.

More recently, George Tsunis raised almost a million dollars for Obama in 2012, and is being rewarded with a plum political appointment, despite being embarrassingly incompetent and unqualified.

So that’s where the Obama bar of justice is set for our conservative filmmaker. A conservative who, again, is accused of improperly donating just twenty grand. Hmmm. If only Dinesh D’Souza raised $988,550 for Obama, he’d be our new ambassador to Norway.

Obama targets, harasses, and indicts his political enemies. Gov Christie caused a traffic jam.


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