My Election Predictions

Tomorrow is the big election (finally!), and we’re at that point where everything’s been said and re-said, analyzed and turned over and examined again. And what are we being told? “It’s too close to call.” Really?

Enthusiasm is sky-high for Republicans.  Mitt Romney is packing people in the Red Rocks in Colorado and got 20,000 people to turn out in the cold in Pennsylvania. Early voting in Ohio also favors Romney.

Also, polls show independents are leaning towards Mitt. These are the people that went to Obama last time around, and now they’re being peeled off and leaving Obama behind.

And given this simple formula:

Romney has turnout. Romney has independents, we’re told that everything is all tied up.  That just doesn’t add up.

So, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Romney really is up big, but it’s not being reported because of all the polls and their flawed sampling.  So here it is, my total guess how tomorrow will go:

355 electoral votes for Romney
54.8% popular vote.

This assumes he gets a landslide, and a few blue states flip over to him, most surprisingly Wisconsin, and maybe even Oregon. Of course Mitt will get Florida and Ohio, and probably even Pennsylvania.

And everyone will be shocked. Everyone will wonder how they missed it.  But not everyone missed it.

All you had to do is tune out the dishonest mainstream media, which has completely ignored Benghazi and glorified Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy.  Of course the MSM is going to add 2+2 and get a 22. But the reality is it’s 4 for Romney, and 4 years of restoring liberty to America.

Finally, while there are over five trillion reasons to vote, this is what stirs my passion right now to wait all day if I have to in order to get to a polling booth: