Liberal hypocrisy: Shoot first, ask questions later

It’s been about two weeks since the death of Trayvon Martin broke into a national news story. From the outset, liberals and minorities have screamed for “justice for Trayvon,” resulting just this week in George Zimmerman being charged with murder for the death. The narrative has been that Zimmerman did racial profiling, was prejudiced against blacks, shot first and asked questions later. Martin had no weapon; he was carrying Skittles.

At this point, we don’t know what was going through Zimmerman’s mind when he pulled the trigger to kill Martin, or what Martin said or did in the moments leading up to his death. A trial will bring these facts out, and justice will play itself out.

What we do know is the knee-jerk reaction of those supposedly calling for justice for Martin’s death, but really demanding revenge.  In a famous example, the New Black Panther party has put a bounty on George Zimmerman, seeking vigilante action that had led Zimmerman — and his family — to go into hiding.  In another example, six “youths” beat a 78-year-old man within inches of his life for Trayvon, merely because he’s white.  Nationwide protests for Trayvon were organized by race hustlers.

In all the buildup so far, all we’ve heard is condemnation of George Zimmerman, judging him guilty of murder for what may or may not have been self-defense. Mainstream media, race hustlers, and liberals (but I repeat myself) have said repeatedly that Zimmerman, who is half-Hispanic and half-white, killed Trayvon Martin in a hasty judgment call because Martin was black and looked menacing.

To liberals, this, then, is Zimmerman’s unforgivable sin: he “racially profiled” Trayvon Martin, made a snap decision in a moment of irrationality that revealed his deep-seated bigotry and prejudice. He saw a black man wearing a hoodie, thought “the black man is dangerous” and killed him. He shot first and asked questions later.

A month later, Zimmerman was still not arrested and uncharged.  The “black community” was understandably frustrated, and eventually national attention was called to the story. Local police were shoved aside as state and federal prosecutors stepped in. With the appointment of a state prosecutor, the goals of family and others who felt the Sanford, Florida police goofed were now accomplished. Attention and scrutiny, and justice. We’ll see a trial unfold, and public opinion will be split along racial lines. This is just like with the OJ Simpson trial, and will likely have the same divided result in the public’s eye (most blacks passionately supported OJ, until turning on him years after his verdicts).

But wait a second.

As facts about the death emerge, the narrative which the media’s been feeding us is starting to change. Initially, we were told that Zimmerman killed Martin solely because he was black but this turned out to be a misleadingly edited NBC News tape. Then this weekend, William Jacobsen at Legal Insurrection deconstructed much of the remaining narrative we were initially fed, using actual facts. The narrative that fed the frenzy, inspired lynch mobs, and forced Zimmerman to hide for his life. This narrative was based not on facts, but on preconceived notions and how liberals and race hustlers wanted things to be to advance their cause. Facts don’t matter to these liberals.

Liberals saw a Hispanic shooter, but emphasized his white half . And since a “white” man killed a black man, errant assumptions were made about motives, facts, and decisions. Liberals, for the most part, did not wait for facts, but pulled the trigger of judgment hastily and irresponsibly.

So yes, what we’ve seen are snap decisions and racial profiling made by irrational emotion, based not on any actual threat or facts but based on bias, prejudice and bigotry. But, not by Zimmerman. The twisted irony here is that the liberals, media, and race hustlers are guilty of doing the exact same thing that they’re accusing Zimmerman of doing: they shot first and asked questions later.

And that, my friends, is liberal hypocrisy.

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