Haikus for Departing Politicians: ByeKu

Rick Santorum exits the race for the Republican nomination. This leaves a barely relevant Newt Gingrich struggling to explain the purpose of his dwindling campaign, and a dominant Mitt Romney consolidating support.

So, as I’ve done in the past, this leads me to a ByeKu.

What is a byeku? Just as it sounds, it’s a haiku used to say ‘bye’ to a candidate as he or she exits the race.  I did not coin the term, as I believe James Taranto from Best of the Web did that. However, as I started creating byekus and tipping my hat to him each time, I think we’re at a point that it’s just a standing “ditto.”

With all that said, here’s the Rick Santorum byeku posted earlier today on Twitter.

Social issue lion,
Had conservative values,
But not delegates.

After good friend and fellow conservative Brady Cremeens said he liked it (you should follow him and fellow RedStater AG_Conservative, by the way), I decided to put together some other byekus of the recent campaign:

And, as a special treat, ByeKu, terrorist edition!

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