Birth control is NOT how we beat Obama. It's the economy, stupid!

Imagine: you’ve been dealt 4-of-a-kind in your weekly poker tournament (never actually betting on it, since that would be illegal). You’ve got four jacks, and are feeling pretty good. Even better, you find out your opponent, by reading his ‘tell,’ has a busted hand, and is desperate.

Now, with this scenario, do you:

a) lure him in with a long, steady series of betting rounds sure to empty his pockets?
b) fold your hand since it’s impossible to get five jacks, and hey, you’re a perfectionist.
c) tell your opponent you’ve got four jacks to make him fold

Well, if you’re Republican candidates, you go for..

d) let your loser opponent change the game to Chutes and Ladders, rendering your four jacks worthless.

The Republicans have a winning hand right now. Obama, due to his failed policies and horrible economy, is reeling and being forced to actually run on his record. Gas prices are the highest ever for this time of year. We are in the longest string of high unemployment since the Great Depression. The “right-track/wrong-track” numbers are 34 and 60, a -26 spread. The national debt is over $15 trillion, and Obama’s budget is a total joke, failing to address our country’s spending problem and cut the deficit.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Obama has to run on. This is his crappy hand.

All the Republicans have to do for 9 months is talk about this, incessantly, in an endless, nonstop loop. This is what’s called holding four jacks. This is a winning hand.

So what are we talking about?

Birth control.

Are you freaking kidding me?

This was settled in the 1970s with the advent of The Pill.

Did you ever hear Ronald Reagan talk about birth control? Remember all those times Reagan lectured hippies on their IUDs? What about all the times Reagan said he wants to ban condom vending machines?

You don’t remember it because he was kind of busy on something more important at the the time. You know, like ending the Soviet Union.

We have our own threats. We have Iran. We have a saber-rattling Russia. We have a nervous Israel. And brinkmanship in the Strait of Hormuz.

And don’t forget the threat to our liberty of Obamacare, and all the debt that future generations will need to dig us out of.

We need to win in 2012.

We need to end Obamacare.

We need to get the economy on track.

Yes, the liberals are baiting Rick Santorum, the not-Romney Republican poll-leader. They know he’s passionate about his conservative positions, so they are baiting him with questions about his social positions. Yes, the mainstream media is dangling what must look like softballs in front of Santorum, who just.. cannot.. pass… up the chance to explain just how passionately he believes birth control is wrong.

Rick Rick Rick. I love you, but this is stupid. We know you’re the social issues guy. Work on the independents. And giving the MSM juicy fodder to make an uninformed populace think you’re going to invade their bedrooms is not the way to win hearts and minds.

As Kurt Schlichter said on Twitter:

Santorum 2012: Because spending 9 months explaining his views on contraception is a winning strategy. #caring #unicorndreams


Republicans have a winning hand. All they need to do is talk about the economy. All they need to do is stay focused on Obama’s record. All they need to do is to practice a little bit of discipline and staying on message.

The bishops were doing just fine fighting the Obamacare “religious liberty” issue.

Politicians, by getting drawn into this battle, are letting the liberals re-define the debate, move the goal posts, and… no. Worse than that. It’s like having a winning poker hand and letting the opponent change the game to karaoke because he sings like Adam Lambert.

You’ve got a winning poker hand, GOP.

Play it.