Support the Troops with a Parade

For years during the long Iraq war, we heard from liberals that they support the troops. It was just the war they didn’t support. But darn it, don’t you even think about questioning their patriotism.

Finally, after nine years of deployment, the last of our troops finally left Iraq last week.  Yet, the Obama administration had planned no parade to welcome home our brave soldiers, sailors, Marines and guardsmen.

This is unconscionable, and the height of liberal hypocrisy.

Stringing together some thoughts I shared the other day on Twitter, allow a moment for each one to sink in.

Once again, liberal hypocrisy has been exposed.  All the “support” of the troops we’ve heard mouthed by Democrats the last decade has been shown to be mere lip service and political posturing.   We need to keep this in mind the next time liberals express sentiments that go against their nature.

Turning away from politics, our heroes are home now.  They should be welcomed with proud appreciation that magnifies, amplifies, the strong feelings from the scene in the video below.  They should know how much their honor, courage, and sacrifice are appreciated by the majority of Americans.

Give our troops the parade they deserve.

Let them feel our appreciation.

They earned it.


Give them a parade now.

Thanks for reading.