Eight More Fatherless Children

Mother of octuplets said she always wanted a“big family”

In an interview on the “Today Show”, Suleman called her childhood as an only child “pretty dysfunctional.” 

She commented about the procedure of implanting 6 embryos instead of the more common practice of implanting 2 by saying,  “It turned out perfectly” and  “I wanted them all transferred, those are my children, and that’s what was available and I used them. So, I took a risk. It’s a gamble. It always is.”

Funny how easy it is to “gamble” with a childes life.

In a world where so many children are without both parents due to unfortunate circumstances, it’s seems a little ridicules for this single, unemployed mother of already 6 children to deliberately go out and create more fatherless children.

She has the right to do as she pleases under the law, but SHAME ON HER!!!