Scorched Party

3 days ago, we lost a Conservative icon and, perhaps, the most important Supreme Court justice in the last 100 years, if not more.  In the wake f this terrible loss, Senator McConnell made an unbelievable statement (for him) and took a hard stance against President Obama placing another Kagan or Sotomayor on the Court.

Today, the Party began to show cracks in its resolve to hold that line Senator McConnell drew.  After a mere 3 days, the Party begins to give in the way it always does.  Usually, even Senator McConnell’s caucus can manage to hold out longer than just 3 days.

In the past 3 days, we have been treated to the electoral strategery of how incapable the Democrats are of forcing the issue, how many GOP Senators (and how much of the Majority) are at risk by holding this line, and how all of this should make us confidant that Obama will not get another Supreme Court pick confirmed.


I look to the past Decade and more of broken promises and failures to even fight and question all of it.

The Supreme Court is deciding matters that affect all of our lives in very fundamental ways by a 5-4 vote on the unstable and unreliable basis of how Justice Kennedy decides to vote that day.  Should Obama get another pick confirmed, we will not even have That flimsy shield and cases will be decided either 6-3 or 5-4, but reliably against the nation’s best interests.

Yes, but this will only last so long.  The other Justices are so old and in such poor health.  Justice Kennedy, himself, is already talking about retiring; has been for years.

And how long till the next retires or dies?  Assuming it is not Justice Alito, Justice Thomas, or Chief Justice Roberts, even that will, at best, return us to a 5-4 vote, depending on Justice Kennedy.  The greater likelihood, as has been mentioned, is that the next will be Justice Kennedy, giving us a Reliably hostile 5-4 Supreme Court.  So we must wait for 2, not 1.

How long will that take?  How many cases go before the Supreme Court in a given year?  How much farther down the Cliffside will we fall before we even have a Hope of opening the parachute, let alone climbing back up?

And All of that depends on winning the Presidency and keeping the Senate.  As little as all of that is.


No.  If the Republican Party is incapable of standing firm in this most decisive situation, then what good, what use is the Party at all?

At 1700 EST, I informed the office of Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) that if Obama’s nominee gets confirmed, his personal vote is immaterial.  I will vote against him.  My family will vote against him.  Any others in PA whom I can convince will vote against him.  My vote can’t reach those most likely to do the stupid, dangerous thing.  But it can reach him.

I am advising my family and friends in other states to do the same for their senators.

The GOP Senate may feel electorally secure as of this moment, but should the “safest” of them begin seeing how close to open revolt the base is, how willing to throw out the whole tub, let alone the bathwater or what is left of the baby by now, and find another way we are, then perhaps they will find a way to keep the unreliable tightly leashed.


And if they do not?  If they cannot?  What use are they anyway?


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