Of Sleeping Giants

While 3 Muslim terrorists are engaged in a running shootout with authorities (Update: 2 killed, the third captured) in San Bernardino after having shot 31 people in a disability services center, killing 14, apologists and relativists (no, I’m not sure there is a practical difference) share videos like this and ridicule the “Islamaphobia” on display.

Those 3 events (the shooting, the event in the video, and the ridicule and relativism) combine for a worsening environment that should horrify us all.

The government still refuses to take the real threats seriously. That includes the GOP “Leadership.” They still want open borders and tens of thousands of predominantly military-age, single, Muslim male “refugees” brought to this nation.
The public is growing either angrier or more fearful (or both, depending on the individual).
The enemy is growing bolder.

And we head ever closer to the day when the armed populace takes matters into their own hands, or, worse, elects a government who will let loose their bloodlust.
The former spells an end to all Muslims in the USA.
The latter, an end to all Muslims, period.

This is not the road we want to go down, and yet there is less time to avoid it with each event, each bit of ridicule, relativism, or appeasement.