If Not America

This is the opening scene from a new HBO tv show.
There is a lot of truth in what is in here, but the conclusion the character draws, that “America is not the greatest nation in the world anymore,” I have to disagree with. As bad off as we are, we are still the greatest nation on Earth.
Alas, that is not lauding the USA, but lamenting the state of the entire world.

As America sinks into darkness, the world follows.
As the Shining City On The Hill tarnishes, it takes the light out of the rest of the world.
As the Hope and Promise of America diminish, there is no other nation to offer either.

Some would say that this is merely proof that nothing built by Man lasts, that only Christ and God, the Father, offer true hope, true promise, true light. All true. But without strong men to build, stoke, and protect that light such that it becomes a roaring bonfire all the world can see, then it languishes, a single candle in the night; always there, but often lost in the storm.

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