Convert or Die

The “Religion of Peace” strikes again.

In September of last year, a Christian pastor n Iran was sentenced to death for apostasy after having been arrested in October 2009 for complaining to his son’s school that his son was forced to read from the Koran at school.
Between June 2010 and January 2011, there were an additional 202 arrests, with many still remaining in prison. There is Some hope in this case as a higher court in Iran as ordered lower courts to look over the trial again, but the consensus is that even if the death penalty is revoked, Pastor Nadarkhani will likely not be released.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, Right Now, it is a death penalty offense to convert away from Islam. The widely publicized trial in 2006 may have ended well after pressure from President Bush, but the situation did not change the law. Last year, there was Another case, less widely publicized, of a Christian convert being tried for that very crime and with his life also on the line. No pressure from President Obama was forthcoming and his trial proceeded apace until international pressure from Other nations and private organizations secured his release just in time for Christmas last year.

Christians taken by the Taliban or other NGOs in Afghanistan, have not received such fortuitous outcomes.

And this, fellow Redstaters, is the religion of peace. The religion our current president defends in speaches and whose practices he participates in while denigrating American traditions such as the National Day of Prayer, a non-denominational event for the recognition of All religions.

Let us be aware in the current Presidential Primary feeding frenzy, that whichever person we end up with will at least be better than what we have now.