This Actually Made MSNBC

Can you believe it?


Record numbers now licensed to pack heat
Firearms deaths fall as millions obtain permits to carry concealed guns

And they even seem to have done a pretty fair job of it.  Excusing, of course, the fact that they refused to compare the data of an overall falling crime rate versus overal increasing gun ownership.

More than that, their choice of quotes from Rand of the Violence Policy Center and members of the Brady Campaign made those people look like they were getting their backsides handed to them in the fight.  That said, I still think they were the quotes that made them Least look like fools.

I am a particularly big fan of the little widget thing they have where you can see the progression of “Shall Issue” states across the country.
Interestingly, Alaska, which has never had any restrictions on gun ownership or carrying, was listed as a “No Issue” state until the early ’90s.

And while I have to reluctantly agree that the “Universal Reciprocity” law, under which every state would be forced to accept a CCW from every other state, would be harmful to state sovereignty and rights and therefor should be opposed, I also completely understand and agree with Alan Gottlieb and Andrew Arulanandam that gun control activists who are making that very point about That law, had no such worries or cares about such legislation as the Brady Laws.
Still, count me opposed to it.  Both “its”.  Brady can go away, if you please.

Also of note, was the mention of increasing rates of licensing since ’06.  A little research and you might note that it specifically picked up in November ’06 and outright skyrocketed last year.  A skyrocketing of which I am proud to say my 1911 and I were a part.  Were you?

“Petersahn” and I are headed to the range soon’s I get home…