The Right to Slavery

In the movie Dead Poets Society, a teacher educates his students in Freedom. His most poignant lesson on the subject is when he takes the class to the courtyard and instructs them to walk. Any speed, any direction, any rythm, any way they wished. They had the freedom to decide for themselves. So they did.
Barely beginning to understand the concept of freedom, the students walk. Some fast, some slow, some walk straight, others zig-zag, one side-steps. But one student does not. He leans against a pillar and does not walk. The teacher notices this and asks what he’s doing.
“Exercising my right not to walk.”
He is the first of the students to learn the lesson. It is a lesson this nation seems to have forgotten.

For the last several months, the Senate and House have been debating a bill that would radically alter the healthcare industry. The basic idea of the bill is to provide health care to all Americans by making sure all Americans have health insurance. On the face of it, this seems a laudable goal. Especialy if you believe, as many do, that Americans have a Right to healthcare.

Alas, such a “Right” mandates slavery. Too strong a word? Finish reading and then decide.
A part of this slavery is central to this healthcare bill. The bill includes the requirement that all Americans purchase health insurance. That to Not have health insurance, an American would be subject to fines and imprisonment. In the words of our Founders: “Forfeiture of property and liberty.” For Not purchasing something. They could just as well send you to jail for Not purchasing a car. Doesn’t matter if you can afford it, or if you feel you don’t need it, or maybe you think you have the cash on hand to deal with even the most extreme potential consequences of not having it. Fines and jail time.
Without this requirement, this bill can not go forward. The system it imposes will collapse upon itself instantly. It is impossible to implement. This, according to the bill’s own supporters. The healthcare industry is incapable of financially supporting the other mandates in the bill without a vastly increased pool of healthy individuals paying into the system.

Of course, this being the government, it does not stop there.
For there to be a “Right to Healthcare,” there must be a definition of just what Level of care is guaranteed. A difficult enough proposition by itself. One made more so by the need to guarantee enough medical personnel to Provide that guaranteed level of care.

And here we come to the crux of the matter. Already we face a shortage of doctors and nurses. it is immensely prohibitive, financially and temporally (costly in time, for those of you not using my thesaurus), to become a licensed medical professional. And new government mandates and rising malpractice insurance costs make profiting as a medical professional difficult, at best. So how do we guarantee there will be enough people in the field to provide the guaranteed level of care? How can we provide this “Right?”
Trusting in the populace is chancy. With high entry costs and questionable profit, the Free Market cannot make any guarantee in this industry. And there are never enough altruists. So whatare we left with when both love and money fail?
There is but one choice left: Slavery. Complete and total slavery. From the cradle to the grave. To provide any such “Right” to Any good or service, the government must force people into the industry of producing it. The government must also force its subjects to purchase, to use or consume, that good or service or the system will collapse.

For there to be a “Right to healthcare,” you can not be allowed to refuse to purchase insurance. For there to be a “Right to healthcare,” you can not be allowed to refuse to receive it, nor to provide it. When instructed to Walk, you can not be allowed to refuse.

Slavery, this is. Our government is trying to enslave us.