"You'll change your tune."

There are a lot of people saying that these days.

“Oh, you support the war.  Well, you’ll change your mind when you lose someone over there.”

“When you lose a family-member, you won’t be so sure about the war.”

Really?  And what of the thousands upon thousands of people who actually Have lost their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands or wives in Iraq or Afghanistan who Haven’t changed their minds?  What of American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. which wholeheartedly supports the efforts their children took part in?  What about the Rest of Casey Sheehan’s family?  The part that disowned Cindy because they believed she was dishonouring Casey’s memory?

They never seem to be remembered.  Not by the media, nor by the politicians, and certainly not by the average person out there saying that we should surrender; that we should take a dive.

Nor do they remember that the vast majority of enlistees in the US Armed Forces come from military families.  Their fathers or mothers and often their aunts or uncles have already served.  And so have the families of most of these brave men and women’s spouses.  They KNOW that their loved ones are risking their lives.  The UNDERSTAND that this risk is inherent to the job.  They ACCEPT that their loved ones could draw the short straw any second.  They hope against hope that it won’t happen, but they don’t lie to themselves and say that it can’t.

And what of the men and women who lose their lives or receive crippling injuries?  Everyone is quick to point out the survivors who change their minds.  But no one remembers those who want to take their prosthetic limbs and their wheelchairs back Into the fight.

No one seems to remember that everyone who “signed up for the money or the college education” that wasn’t willing to be part of a wartime military is gone and has been for 5 or 6 years now.  Their terms ended already.  These heroes who serve today, who risk their lives today, and these heroes who enlist every day still…  THEY know what they are getting into.  And God knows their families do too.

Some here on Redstate may remember that my wife is currently serving.  That she enlisted in the summer of ’06.  They may recall that I made some small mention that she had orders to deploy.
Well, she hit the ground this week.   I haven’t heard from her since she got on the plane on Sunday and I worry every minute.  But even with her there, my mind has not changed on this war.  Nor will it change if the worst is to happen.  My patience with people who do not support victory will change.  Has changed.  But my opinion on Victory will not.

Some fights absolutely MUST be fought.

This is one of them.

ALL fights, once begun, MUST be Finished.  Permanently.  We didn’t start this one and our surrender won’t end it.

With all that is happening domestically, it is easy to forget that we are a NATION AT WAR.  We can not afford to forget it.  Not any more than we can afford to lose the domestic, political battle.

Let us provide for our soldiers an America they can be proud to come home to.  And let us continue the fight that they may come home in Victory.