Falling Toward Apotheosis

Emperor Cartagia is insane.

Cartagia is the emperor of the Centauri, a major race of the television series Babylon 5. And he is quite mad. He has made a deal with the Shadows that will bring death and destruction upon his entire race in exchange for lifting him to Divine status. The end of the Centauri race just to make their emperor a God.

Last year, during the Presidential campaign, we began to suspect that select members of the Media and of the Government were insane. They sought apotheosis for their leader, Barack Obama, who was more than willing to be elevated. We saw their blind devotion to him. We watched as thrills went up their legs. We all saw the painting of Obama walking through a field of flowers wearing a halo. We still see his face painted on signs carried by his devotees.

ObamaObama sign

With the recent controversy of the Department of Education’s “What can I do to help my president?” recommended work for students to be done immediately following his speech to them and the videos of teachers making their child students sing Obama’s praises and now this:

We are now faced with a terrible realization.

Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America.  And his followers are quite mad.

They have made a deal with criminals and terrorists and dictators that will bring death and destruction upon their nation and her allies in exchange for elevating their Lord and Master to the Divine.  The end of America to make a former Senator a God.  And he is allowing, and even encouraging, this.