On a lighter note: ZOMBIES!

The University of Florida, like all schools and most other organizations, has Emergency Plans for all kinds of situations. Hurricane Evacuation, Pandemic, a shooting on campus, zombie attack. You know the usual.

Well, the zombie attack isn’t normal for Most organizations. Seems UF is the only semi-rational group with a Zombie Emergency Plan. And their plan even takes the possibility of the attack seriously. Well, mostly. The “Infected Coworker Dispatch Form,” while mostly appearing serious about an incident in which an employee of the school is forced to eliminate a zombified coworker has some not so serious bits. Like on the list of symptoms “Recently Dead but Moving Again.”

Some of the plan is even familiar to students. How to defend your dormroom against zombies reads much like the school’s Emergency Plan for Panty Raids, written after a historic panty raid that caught national attention in 1952 (mentioned on their “Historic Campus” website). However, the plan includes no sign that the school intends to cancel classes in the event of a zombie infestation.

Unfortunately, after the plan, written in June of this year, caught media attention (and also here), the school administration announced it was a joke and took it down.