Counter Protest Ignored During Tea Party

Even by the media.

In Johnstown, PA last night, the Tea Party Express made another stop.  I was there for most of it, but had to leave early in the actual Tea Party Express presentation because, due to a traffic accident, they were 2 hours late and I had dogs to take care of.

However, while we were waiting for them to show up, we had a good time and a good protest, and most everybody stayed around the extra time for Kenneth Gladney and company to get there.  In that time, we had an hour or so of people from the crowd getting up and talking, telling their stories, including this wonderful speaker, a native of Kenya, who came to this country to escape what he says Obama is trying to do to This country.  Now that this gentleman has the right and the ability to fight against such policies, he has decided to do exactly that.  And, of course, myself.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have posted video or pics of it yet.

In any case, if you go back now to the first link above, you should watch the local news clip of the Tea Party Express Rally.  When they show the reporter standing across the street from the crowd the first time, there’s no one on the corner.  The next time, there are about 10 people, all holding colorful signs or unrolling a banner.  These signs said "Health Reform NOW" and "No American Should Be Without Healthcare"  This was the counter-protest.  And the news not only completely ignored them, but actually counted them as part of the Tea Party Rally…

If I knew any of the counter-protesters, I’d go and tell them thanks for swelling our numbers  by just that Tiny extra bit.  There were only about 500 of us.  Another 10 or 15 are Always welcome…