In Defense of Christianity, of America

Now, many of you who view the above video and read this blog entry may be familiar with Choson Ninja, the Youtube ninja instructor.  Some of you may even be away of the danger he presents within the martial arts community.  All of you, I’m sure, having read this far, are wondering why I am even bringing him up.

As I am sure you know, his martial arts “teaching” has no bearing on politics or on Christianity.
But this video attacking him does.  It is obvious the maker of this video has a personal issue with ChosonNinja.  No big deal.  Quite a few do.

However, the style of the attack, is also an attack on Christianity.  It perverts
a core teaching of that faith: That God will save the many on the merits of the few, as he proposed to do in the story of Abraham .
In the exchange quoted in the video, there are 2 others who suggest that the many should die
in spite of the few, and the few should perish with them.  Choson respectfully disagrees, but the video attacks him and his words saying that Choson suggests everyone But the few should die.

Now, again, why am I bringing this up?  This is just an inconsequential Youtube video.  Beneath notice.  In fact, it appears that the attack on Christianity made in this video is merely incidental.  That was not done on purpose.  This sort of thing happens every day.  It’s in our childrens’ textbooks, even.  So why post on here about it?  What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that it’s Not a big deal.  We have become so inured to it that when it happens, we barely register it.  We are so confident that Christianity is strong enough and Moral enough to overcome such assaults that we ignore them, for the most part.  We let them pass.  But how can it do so if we do not respond?  Who will learn the teachings of Christ or come to Him if there is no one to teach them?  And what will happen to America, this great land founded on the principals of Christ’s teachings when the people, by and large, do not know them?

I urge all of you to take time out of your busy days, just a few minutes, to notice these attacks and to object to them.  To Respectfully object to them.  Be aggressive, be forceful, but be respectful in your opposition to these attacks and your defense of Christianity and America.  They may not be one and the same, but they Are inextricably tied to one another.  America can not be, would never have been, America without Christianity.

The question has been asked many times:

“How do you defeat an idea?”

I have only ever
once heard the answer, in a movie and never in life:

“With another idea.”

Folks, the “Other Idea” has been presented.  It is constantly presented and has been throughout history.  It can only triumph if we fail to present Our idea.  Christ’s Idea.  The American Idea.  Ours is strong enough and moral enough in its own right to triumph if we but share it with others…

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