Episode V: The Headline Strikes Back

Just recently, over in Massachusetts

It is a dark time for Obamacare.  Although Darth Cheney has been removed,
Tea Party troops have driven Democrat forces from their hidden backrooms
and pursued them across the country.

Avoiding the dreaded Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, a group of Liberals led by
Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid has established a bridge to die
on with the close to home policy of government control of healthcare.

The evil lord Darth Limbaugh, obsessed with stopping young Obama has
dispatched his supply of Rovian Mind Control Probes ™ into the far reaches
of Democratic decision making…
The headline in question?

Why, not too surprising considering Rush’s arsenal of Rovian devices:

Rush to fill Kennedy’s Senate seat

Push by Democrats

Here’s the link to the story

h/t Skanderbeg