Have the Democrats Given Archimedes His Place to Stand?

Earlier, Crippy wrote about Texas reaffirming its rights under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

A few moments after reading this, I learned that Texas is not alone.

Delegate Christopher Peace (R-97) of the Virginia State House has sponsored a bill that will put Virginia beside Texas in telling the Feds to kiss off. H.R. 61 reads virtually identically to Texas’s HCR 50.

And They are not the only ones. Nor even the first.

Oklahoma state Sen. Randy Brogdon, a Republican and the first to introduce this type of legislation last year, originally pursued it because he thought then-President Bush and Congress exceeded their authority with the Real ID Act, which required states to include certain information on driver’s licenses.

He called the stimulus package “immoral and unconscionable” and said it was “the final straw that broke the financial back of America.”

This is not new to Obama, but rather, it is new to the “Stimulus Spending” of the last 6 months. There are now 20 states (according to CNN in the article quoted above, all of them Red States) that have begun passing these bills through their legislatures or who’s governors have already signed them.

Our National level GOP may be mostly clueless or even uncaring about the issue of the size and intrusiveness of the government, but the State level GOP has figured it out and needs now only a lever long enough to be used from where they stand.

“I’m sick and tired of Congress overreaching and underachieving,” Brogdon said. He added, “If we have an opportunity to salvage freedom and protect sovereignty, it has to be done at the state level.”