"Sexual Aids" But Not Cancer Treatments

Yeah, we have all heard it.  The horror story where a friend or family member had a serious medical issue and was turned down for care, not by the doctor, but by his insurance, or, worse, Medicare or Medicaid.  Or they received treatment but found out afterward that it wasn’t covered.

A quick Google search gives us Thousands of links for “healthcare horror stories.”  One I particularly liked was talked about on a site called Pacific Views (http://www.pacificviews.org/weblog/archives/001761.html).  Treatment was received for cancer after Medicare said they’d pay for half of it.  After the death of the patient, the family was informed Medicare would pay nothing.

Now, I don’t really need to make a list of these stories.  We all know at least a couple.

What I’m irritated about is a commercial I just saw for “Postivac.”  Medicare will pay for (there’s no other term for it) Penis Pumps with no questions asked, it seems.  Why?

Why is my tax dollar going to pay for Penis Pumps?  I’d much rather pay for a “Bridge to Nowhere” but instead I’m stuck paying for God only knows how many penis pumps.