I'm Confused

I’m confused. There are a few things I don’t get about this election and I hope that someone can explain them to me.

1) John McCain has a former lobbyist working on his campaign. This we know. We also know that this gentleman has done some work for Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Obama likes to point this out when confronted with certain persons who work on his own campaign. Persons like Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines. Former CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Can someone please explain to me how a contract employee compares to the guys who ran the companies into the ground?

2) Let’s forget about how 40% of the US doesn’t pay taxes. I’m not particularly worried about that right now or about the “tax cut for 95% of the population.” What I AM worried about is that Obama wants to end the Bush tax cuts. Those tax cuts included an increase in the standard deduction for those “Married and Filing Jointly” to exactly double that of “Single” filers so that those of us who are married and don’t have enough itemized deductions to do better aren’t penalized for being married.Is this tax cut I’m supposed to be getting as a lower-middle-class member going to be before or after my taxes go up with the end of the Bush tax cuts and will it be a net decrease for me?

More below the fold…3) “We can’t drill our way out of the problem.” But we CAN make an absolute FORTUNE as a nation by drilling and selling what we don’t use. Even if we ARE 100% independent of oil in 10 years, WHY NOT DO THIS?

4) Why does the entire government want everyone in this country to go to college? Not everyone belongs there. Not everyone can make it there. Most people, in fact, do not belong there. We belong in trade schools or apprenticeships or just working our way up. Why do both campaigns want me to go to college when I am just plain not suited to it?

…I’m, sure there’s more. And if there’s anything that confuses you, too, please add it to the list. If you have an explanation, give it a rip.

All I can figure is that I am just not as smart as Biden.

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