Support The Troops

I know this isn’t a particularly popular topic right now, what with the election drawing to a close, but it is still pertinent…

We have all heard the infamous statement, “I support the troops but not the war.”At some point, many, if not most of us have responded with, “You can’t support the troops if you don’t support their mission.”And someone you are speaking with responds, “Are you telling me that I don’t support my own [enter relation here]?” from someone whose brother or son or father or sister or daughter or other family member is at war.Well, you want to tell them that that’s exactly what you’re telling them but you can’t find the words. Or else you’re just so embarrassed that you fell into such a rhetorical trap, and so you do not reply.

Well, here are the words. Because that is Exactly what is going on. Those who do not support the mission do not and Can Not support the troops attempting to carry it out.

We constantly hear from one side of the political aisle that “The war is lost!” “The war cannot be won!” “This is the wrong war!”The people who support those politicians tell us that we need to bring the troops home and get them out of the civil war that is (was?) breaking out in Iraq. That these soldiers need to leave the war and come home.

And our only reply is, “But that’s surrender.”

Well, I have to wonder how these people would speak to those who enlisted despite their families’ position would react if their sons and daughters and brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers (etc) had gone into football or wrestling or boxing or the UFC. I’m sure they would try to talk them out of it. Try to keep them from playing or fighting.

But once the whistle blows or the bell rings, would they not start to cheer for their friends and family who are in the ring or on the field?What mother tells her son to throw the game?What friend or brother tells another to take a dive?What son roots for his father to just tap out?

None of them. Not if they want the continued respect of that friend or family member. Because it is not support. It is selfishness.

All that matters to these people is that their friends and family are there with them. Not that they do what they believe in or live as adults and make their own decisions. The mothers want their sons and daughters forever suckling at their breasts. The father want them forever doing their chores and playing catch. Friends forever want them to hang out and always with the same people. And children are being raised to believe that nothing in the world is more important than themselves so how Dare their parents leave to fight a war?

No. If you do not support the mission, then you can not support the troops.
You don’t have to believe that it is the right mission, but you Do need to believe in victory.