Lawuit Against Obama's Condidacy

I haven’t heard of this anywhere except last night from a radio show caller who apparently has more time on his hands than I do and just cruises the internet for this sort of thing. It’s one of those really late night shows that you have to question how crazy the host is just as much as you do the callers. Kind of like Coast to Coast. But then, I’m not usually considered the most sane person n the world, and i had enough time on my hands to waste to actually be listening to a show I don’t even know the name of so…

I looked up the caller’s claims. What do you know? He was right.

There’s been a lawsuit filed against Obama and his campaign. A lawsuit that right now, apparently has no standing, but if Obama is officially nominated on Thursday, could be the absolute end of Obama’s political career. Or it could just be more popcorn for us in the VRWC…

In any case, a Philip J. Berg, Esq, former chair of the Montgomery County, PA Democratic State Committee and Clinton supporter has filed a lawsuit claiming Obama is neither eligible for the office President, nor even a US Citizen. He has provided us with his own website detailing all of his claims and his own history as a lawyer, failed Democratic Party politician and Clinton supporter (Link: http://www.obamacrimes.com/).

His case has 3 points:

1, that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

2, that even if Obama was born a citizen, he lost his citizenship due to the laws at the time of his mother’s marriage and divorce from Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia

and 3, that he has divided loyalties due to the Kenyan and Indonesian citizenships he has apparently not given up.

Now, I have no idea how accurate this Democrat’s claims are, and I would like to join last night’s radio show host in urging Barack Hussein Obama, apparent Democrat Party nominee for President to release all documentation to prove this wrong. Assuming the claims are wrong, of course. Either way, I’m really curious now.You see, if either of the first 2 points are accurate, Obama can’t be president and if the second point is true, then he can’t even be a Senator.
The forensic analysis performed on Obama’s certificate, at least the one referenced in Berg’s suit, can be found here: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2008/07/atlas-exclusive.html

I’m not a forensic’s expert, and not having been a recruiter in HI, am no expert in Hawaiian birth certificates, but the long and the short of this point is that Obama has provided no proof of being born in the USA. Not being born in the USA automatically disqualifies him for the Presidency. Something you’d think the Media would be digging into considering the way they went after John McCain’s qualification for president (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/28/us/politics/28mccain.html). But I guess they don’t find this quite as interesting as I do.

Which is rather silly of them, considering that if Obama does officially pick up the presumed nomination on Thursday (likely), and that if this claim is accurate (possible), then they just lost the election without a single Republican firing a shot. AND they will have done the party they seem to support so much a massive blow to its credibility. I can only imagine the ads that McCain might run after such an event. The RNC and other GOP groups won’t, but MCain has proven to not be like them when it comes to marketing.

But then we have the 2nd point of the case. The one where, even if Obama Was born a citizen, he isn’t now. Kind of hard to get elected as president when you get removed from your senate seat because you weren’t eligible to run for it. Which is rather ironic when you consider how he got his senate seat in the first place (or was that his State Senate seat?). You know, the questioning every single signature on the petitions of every one of his primary competitors (http://mediamatters.org/items/200808210005)…

As an aside: It’s nice to be able to do this article without ever using a single VRWC website. Lefties only. It’s all in-house, we get to be spectators for Dems doing what they always claim we do, and doing it better than they have ever claimed we did. Snicker

Anyway, back to the article. As it so happens, Indonesia did not have dual citizenship when Obama’s mother married one Lolo Soetoro and moved him to Indonesia in 1967. Mr. Berg, esq. claims the laws at the time changed Obama’s citizenship from the USA to Indonesia. And while he may not have hold of Obama’s mother’s marriage certificate, he does claim to have a copy of the divorce decree, which would prove the marriage and thus Obama’s Indonesian citizenship.This is in and of itself, not disqualifying for any US office. After all, Barack was born in the USA, right? So all he needed to do was become naturalized to get his citizenship back. No big deal. He was in the States long enough to do that before running for office the first time. But then, where’s his naturalization certificate? He hasn’t released one yet.

This is something the media would give him a complete pass on. And I suspect the rest of the country would too. So why has he not released proof of his naturalization? Unless the claim is groundless, of course. But then, why has he not released any documentation to prove it so?
Granted, a simple claim of this kind that has no basis in fact deserves no response, but a lawsuit that threatens his nomination, a lawsuit launched from within his Own Party, needs responded to.

The third point, that he has divided loyalties due to citizenship in other nations is merely a point that he really should not be president. At least, according to my understanding, anyway. Mr Berg claims it disqualifies him from being President. My pocket Constitution does not say anything about dual citizenships. I’m not even clear about how Mr Berg claims Obama gained a Kenyan citizenship, unless it was from his father, but then he would have lost that citizenship as well at age 5 with his mother’s marriage to Soetoro.

I have to concede that watching the Dems tear themselves apart like this is great entertainment for someone like myself. Especially when all the Republicans have to do is bring publicity to the claims being made by Democrats. And nothing from this hurts us at all. Nothing from this is done By us at all.

…Unless Rove Really IS that good, of course…