So Why IS Ayers a Problem?

I just watched the re-airing of Hannity and Colmes, and once again, Sean Hannity fumbled the whole Ayers issue. Not Hannity, nor Limbaugh, nor Savage, nor Beck, nor any other Conservative “talker” I have heard or read has been able to explain clearly why Ayers is a problem for Obama. None of them. They all know he’s a problem. They all know it’s because he’s a terrorist, but they can’t explain why Ayers being a terrorist is a bad thing. We are just supposed to accept “Ayers is a terrorist!” as being the end all, be all of the issue.

Tonight, it allowed a contributor for Townhall to write off Ayers as unimportant to the voters during his appearance on Hannity and Colmes. I don’t have the transcripts, seeing as my google-fu is not so strong, so I will paraphrase what this guy said (I didn’t catch his name, can I get an update with it?) “People don’t care about Ayers. They care about economics, their jobs, their health, their security. Homeland Security.”

Neither Hannity nor the chick he had on were able to explain how this applies to Ayers. They were both left fumbling with “But he’s a terrorist!”

So, since the folks we usually rely on for this sort of thing are at a loss, I would like to try a crack at it. Here goes:This is a time when the United States of America is at war with terrorists. We, the USA, are AT WAR with people like Ayers. Ayers is the very personification of the evil we are trying to root out everywhere that we can. He is exactly the kind of person who killed over 3,000 people on 9/11/2001, who killed 52 people in London, July 5, 2005, who killed over 200 and wounded over 5,000 in Kenya at the US Embassies in 1998, and more. Ayers Is The Bad Guy.

Obama is not at war with these people. He is friends with them. He LIKES Ayers. He got his start in politics in Ayers’ house. He owes his career to Ayers and Ayers’ connections. Obama owes everything he has Right Now as the Democratic nominee for POTUS to a terrorist and that terrorist’s connections.

It was said on Hannity and Colmes last night that Ayers isn’t important because people don’t care about him. People care about economics, their jobs, their health, their security, Homeland Security.

Ayers is a Security concern. Ayers is a Homeland Security concern. Obama’s Direct, Friendly relationship with a terrorist is a Security concern. It is a Homeland Security concern.

At a time when the USA is at war with people like Ayers, Obama embraces them as friends and owes them favours.

THAT is why Ayers is a problem for Obama.

Wright is icing on the cake. Mrs. Obama’s comments about how she dislikes the USA are the sprinkles on top of the icing on top of the cake. Ayers is the cake.

And that’s before we ever even get to the issues…

Totally as an aside, I offer up this image of Al Qaeda in Iraq’s newest line of IEDs:http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc29/alexandertaran/BeerTrap.jpg?t=1219385472

…Come to think of it, a lot of data has been directed at this issue here at Redstate, and still no one has been able to enunciate it. How did I do?