To run in 2010

This diary is actually a request for advice. I have a question that seems pretty important to me and the answer(s) given should be helpful for anyone else intending to run for office for the first time.

You see, I like to complain. It’s fun. You don’t have to come up with any solutions or work to fix anything. Unfortunately, in my eyes, complaining walks a fine line alongside whining. Whining is unacceptable and a whiner does not deserve to be given the time of day till he shuts his mouth. A whiner, in my opinion, is a complainer who does nothing about the issues he spends his time complaining about. And I realized a couple years ago that I had become one such unworthy loser.

Well, I would like to be able to keep complaining. But I do not like whiners (who’d’a thunk it?), they rank right up there with incompetents, for me. As you can imagine, I would like to continue liking myself, which means in order to keep complaining I need to become part of the solution to my complaints. Lost yet?In short, I like myself, I like to complain, I’d like to continue to like myself by creating answers and solutions to my complaints. So I am running for office.

I have identified my target. I know the issues and believe my positions on them will be agreed with by the voters. I even know how I intend to frame my challenge and campaign. I also know that I need to get a petition together and get a certain number of signatories to that petition between certain dates in order to get on the ballot.

This just leaves me with 1 minor question:”What do I do between now and then?”