Uninstalling the Obama Trojan..... 80% Complete

In 2009, America installed the Obama program.  Unfortunately, it seems to have major programming flaws or is malware.  Problems encountered include Obamanomics, Obamacare, Obamageddon, deactivation of Constitution, Blame Bush, Indefinite Detention (American Citizen version), deactivation of Rights to Due Process, deactivation of Foreign Nation Sovereignty, Commie-unity, denigration of Office of the President, Obamanation, Obamalies, Obamarrhoids, Ovaricator, Obamarrhea, Baracknaphobia, and other problems.

Fortunately there is a simple solution:


█████████████████████████▒▒▒▒▒▒  80% complete.

Prepare to Restart Economy Once Removal Complete

Installing Romney Landslide 1.0 can be useful in the removal of all Obama traces.  This program runs a scan of all systems and folders, with the option to “remove all” Obama subroutines, including “Affordable Health Care Act 1.x,” “Executive Orders scripts,” the “Czars and Cabinet Heads game,” “Dodd-Franks financial,” ” Official Biden Joke of the Day” and other miscellaneous malware subroutines and programs.  Conservative application of Preparation R may be particularly useful in dealing with troublesome Obamarrhoids.

As a part of the Romney Landslide 1.0 installation, be sure to run the “Prosecute Holder” application, and then select the “Reinstate Rule of Law” option.  Finally, reinstall the “Support all Allies” program, including the modules; “Israel Ally,” “Britain Special,” “Democracy Good,” and “Extremist Regimes Bad.” Use of RomneyRyanwall will prevent further infection.

Troubleshooting:  If, when clicking “uninstall,” you are redirected to a “donate Obama” page and find redirects or popups make it impossible to leave that page, please be patient.  This is a known Obama Trojan problem.  November 6th is a key date that can automatically relieve the issue by proper action within the voting booth to select Romney Landslide 1.0 with the full Ryan backup.

Specifications:  This is a multi-platform uninstaller for all American operating systems.  Apple/Macintosh’s provide an additional initial option:  Selecting the “install entire Romney package with full Ryan backup” option and it will automatically perform all the above mentioned subroutines and programs with the recommended selections as shown.  The only operating systems users might feel this program isn’t fully successful with are:  “Hollywood Lite,” “New York City Elite,” “Windy Chicago,” and “Los Angeles Smog.”

Important Notes:

A separate protocol may be necessary to correct corruption in the American Operating System anti-virus program “Education” and malware program “Mainstream Media.”  Users may also find the following programs useful:  “Constitutional Republic 1.0 with Treason Guard” [h/t Drakhelm] and “LameStreamMedia Blocker” [h/t Drakhelm].

Obama 1.0 automatically prompts the user to upgrade to Obama 2.0.  This upgrade will not correct Obama 1.0 flaws, but will install more malware. Using the upgrade will result in fatal system flaws such as:  Loss of Freedom, Loss of Property, Crony Capitalism, Inflation, Wage Degradation, Theft, Embezzlement, Corruption, and Regulatory Overload.

Please Vote to Fix This Software