Economy and Job Creation

We the hard working tax payers are in a tight spot.

The administration that promised to keep us safe from some foreign bandits, allowed another type of super bandits to raise the price of the oil and therefore gasoline.

In the process the administration became indebted to the eternal bandits called Communists.

Now the indigenous bandits want to drill more oil here which will not decrease even 10% of the oil imports.

What can the hard working taxpayers do?

Market mechanism has shown that consumer resistance is the greatest weapon we have.

The less we buy, the lower will be the demand and eventually the bandits will realize that their game is up.

BUT, the bandits have their committed consumers who will tell you that why should we lower our standard of living? They are the advocates of all that Satan is about. Consume more, live it up if you can afford it. And if you can not, then run up your credit cards. For to-morrow you will not live!

My Friends, the world has plenty of resources to meet our needs but not our insatiable wants.

The Christian work ethics should be followed by the Christian life style.: Example Warren Buffet.

We have in our power to consume less energy. We have in our power to car-pool and use more efficient cars.

Using up the God given reserves by excessive drilling will deplete the resources for our grand-children. We should conserve, conserve and conserve our resources!