A peaceful and Prosperous World

  • The world to-day faces two challenges.

The first challenge is the centuries old desire of the Imperialists to shape the world for their own interest and to subdue and annihilate those who resist.

The second new challenge is the desire of the Islamists to live as per their own convictions and to fight and annihilate those who oppose them.

Both want to dominate.

Let us look at recent history see if we can learn something.

Experience comes from learning not by spending time on a job!

During the past two centuries the European Imperialists were opposed by the Nationalists, who threw off some of the domination (political) of the European Imperialists.

Some Nationalists espoused democratic institutions. Example India

But the Imperialists did not like the democratic Nationalists because the Nationalists did not support the monopoly capitalism of the Imperialists. They wanted to manufacture what they consumed instead of buying what the Imperialists made using their own form of Monopolistic Capitalism.

So they tried to sabotage these floundering Nationalist nations, even by sending their Secret Service Agents to throw off the democratically elected governments, Example Iran in 1950.

Another evil was growing in Europe after the defeat of Fascist-Nazis. This was European Communists.

To escape the Imperialists, some Nationalists sought help from the European Communists.

This was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

In some countries, the Imperialists encouraged dictators and monarchs as long they were sub-serviant to the Imperialists. Some Nationalists became dictatorial on their own and teemed up with the Imperialists. Examples: Egypt, Pakistan

The selfish Monarchists teemed up with the Imperialists to exploit the resources of their own countries to buy military equipment from the Military-Industrial Complex of the Imperialists, while keeping their subjects impoverished. Example saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Shah of Iran.

Meanwhile the European Communists dug their own grave in Russia.

The smarter Nationalist Communists went through their own Cultural Revolution. Example China.

They outsmarted the Imperialists and instead of buying from the Military Industrial complex of the Imperialists, they started manufacturing them using the markets of the Imperialists. The Nationalist Communist now control the world’s largest manufacturing capacity.

The Imperialist Capitalist now exploit their own citizens by buying goods from the Nationalist Communists for a dime and selling them for a dollar. Their Corporate profitability grew and made many Imperialists became wealthy beyond their dreams.

The Imperialists achieved through co-operation with Nationalist Communists what their brothers could not attain by domination. Example Britain.

The above are the facts.

The rational conservative conclusions that the above facts lead to are:

  1. Unfettered domination by the British Imperialist and the European Communists failed because it was a I win-you lose strategy.

  2. Cooperation between Capitalist-Imperialists and Nationalist-Communist is a win-win strategy!

Should the world learn to find co-operation between the Imperialists and the Islamists to bring a win-win strategy?