Susan Rice's Real Crimes

Questions arising from Susan Rice’s peregrinations around the Sunday talk show circuit have focused on whether the demonstrations at the Benghazi consulate were spontaneous or planned in advance, whether they were led by a citizenry outraged by a blasphemous movie trailer or by some al Qaeda wannabes taking advantage of Muslim unrest over the film. The story Ambassador Rice and the president were hawking Sunday and for weeks afterward was that they had no credible evidence that this demonstration was anything but a response to the film, as had occurred in Cairo. The poodle press, eager to keep a foreign policy scandal from The Chosen One’s door, dutifully promoted this storyline, or ignored the story altogether. Whether as a co-conspirator or as a dupe of the Deceiver-in-Chief, Rice’s pushing the idea of a demonstration, versus an attack, is the real crime. Obama and his minions can hide in the fog of war from questions such as whether the attacks were preplanned or triggered by current events, but that these were attacks, not demonstrations, was obvious within a few hours of their onset. Comparisons to Cairo, where a flag got replaced, are ludicrous and clearly designed to obfuscate the fact that Obama was AWOL when it came to protecting his people. In emphasizing that these were spontaneous demonstrations, and basically lying that there was no evidence to suggest otherwise, Rice tried to disconnect Obama from what was unfolding as a horrible security failure to protect his people in Benghazi. Rather than as the reification of what months of reports and harried pleadings out of Libya had predicted, better to portray this atrocity as something spontaneous and unforeseeable. Always quick to protect the women in his life, Obama nobly allowed Hillary Clinton to fall on his sword.
I seriously doubt that if the truth about Benghazi had gotten out sooner, the subsequent election would have turned out differently. Not with an electorate comprising people terrified by the economy into embracing socialism (a la Frances Fox Piven), bigots who think businesspeople are somehow inferior to sociology professors and poets and owe society a fee for being allowed to practice their foul trades, racist civil rights activists who call normal Americans racists, people voting with their lady parts rather than their brains, and the whole panoply of nincompoop soldiers called to arms in Obama’s phony wars on women, minorities, and every other grievance group he could rally.
Still, America owes it to the Americans who died in Benghazi, and to those endangered by future Obama political machinations, to find out why they were left so vulnerable. Susan Rice’s bait and switch on the talk show circuit, her willingness to trivialize the deadly events there as purblind reaction to an insipid movie trailer, do not bode well for her underlings if she becomes secretary of state.