What is the endgame with the RNC/RNSC/RNCC?

Being born towards the northern part of NY-20, I was pleased to support Doug Hoffman in his race, even though it didn’t quite go our way this time. Especially heartening was that it’s now evident to the major GOP organs that if they support candidates that are out of favor with the conservative base of volunteers and donors, that candidate may find his financial lifeline snipped. The sooner they realize that we are the customer and they sell to our specifications, the better for the legislature and the nation.

That being said, I see no reason to gloat because in my opinion, the goal was never to destroy the establishment GOP vessels but to reform them. So now that we’re putting our plans into play on a national level, with the expectation that every election cycle going forward will feature several Rubio vs. Crist situations, what exactly are our demands? That is to say, what are our specific goals for how the RNCC etc. should reform, so that we will know when they’ve been met?

Given the tendency of any organizational bureaucracy to skew away from conservatism over time, I don’t think I’m being pessimistic to say that we’ll always need to keep an eye on the GOP establishment. But we may have more luck working together with them if they know what we actually want from them in detail; at a minimum it gives them an option to cooperate instead of just assuming we’ll hate them no matter what they do because of past infractions (Toomey, Rubio, Hoffman, etc.).

The ‘no money for open seat primaries’ is a good start. I have a 2nd bullet point – donation money only to be spent in the general election instead of the primary. This would prevent not only the awful NY-23 events we just witnessed, but also keep the Laffey scenario in RI from 2006 from being repeated, replete with Get-Out-the-Vote machinery being employed by the GOP against an actual conservative.

Anyone else have any demands they can think of which are specific and concise enough to be followed by the superintelligences currently running the show down in D.C.?