A Few Quick Thoughts On Dr. Laura's Retirement

As of 8/17, radio talk show host Dr. Laura is retiring from AM programming to guard her First Amendment rights: the good doctor, who dealt with a hyper-sensitive caller by pointing out the state of comedy on HBO – in which every comedian is expected to have at least two derivatives of “nigga” in constant act rotation – was thought by every transcript-lacking garbage monger out there as a racist.

But that’s crap: the problem is not Laura, it’s people who don’t and won’t listen to reason.  Quote Chris Rock and get bitched at; use the term “wetbacks” academically – like an ’08 Brandeis University professor illustrating the treatment of Mexicans – and get bitched at. Expecting everyone to walk on eggshells is not going to solve the race problem: No one is responsible for your own actions or hurt feelings other than YOU.

So Doc, sign up for Sirius XM instead of retiring.  Black woman, heal thyself.