Carrie, Think Before You Speak

Time to uncork those #2 pencils and get ready for some algebra homework. The unholy trinity of Hollywood has a five and a half foot long cable going up its six and stapled to its spinal cord, playing Chris Matthews 24/7 at sixty miles an hour. If a splitter is set to send the traffic to the logic center of the brain at 9 miles per hour, and another end is set to go past the mouth filter at 51 miles per hour, which three people do they cause a train wreck in?

The answer? Carrie Fisher, and Carrie Fisher, and . . . yes, her again.

Implications of multiple personalities aside, you’d think someone who starred in a movie about being intelligent enough to free your mind from tyranny would be able to appreciate the finer points of a stance against rampant government spending and intrusiveness. Right?


The way she talked to PopEater’s Nicki Gostin, I think she “freed her mind” a long time ago. I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I personally can’t stand hearing someone mouth off about that which they know less than nothing. Since there are more known and active blacks in the Tea Party movement – Kevin Jackson is only one example that comes to my head at the moment – than there were in “Star Wars” and “Matrix” combined, can I get away with calling Carrie a racist?

It’s a good question, after all. Why were none of the R2 units painted black?

Just askin’.