Fight for Western New York Republicans!

Check out the race in the 29th Congressional district in Western New York. Randy Kuhl, our Congressman, faced a tough opponent in 2006 and squeaked by with a win over uberliberal Eric M. Massa. Of course, like Freddy Krueger, some nightmares keep coming back. Massa has returned. (In fact, he never left. He’s been campaigning for the past two years. One wonders if he has a real job.) Just Google Massa’s name and, after his Wikipedia article and his own campaign site, you’ll see Massa’s own blog on DailyKos. (I think he’s been blogging on DemocraticUnderground recently, too.)

A “former” Republican (yeah, right), Massa said he left his party over the Iraq War. An Annapolis grad, he most notably worked for former NATO Commander, former presidential candidate, and all-around windbag Wesley Clark. Massa opposes free trade (and instead favors that socialist favorite, “fair” trade), supports more farm subsidies, opposes the Iraq War, favors universal health care, and most assuredly will fall in lockstep with the other Democrats on most other issues if elected.

Fortunately, he lost a tight one in 2006, and judging from the lack of funds the Democrats are putting into his campaign (they said they’d give him around 1 million dollars, but it’s much, much less), 2008 might be tougher for him, even though Republicans are facing uphill battles all over the country. Still, Kuhl needs all the help he can get. Call his campaign office (607-776-9999 or 585-749-7762) or, better yet, if you can spare it, donate some cash: http://www.kuhlforcongress.com/.

The 29th is a great opportunity to keep one more leftist out of elected office. Fight on, Randy!