Van Jones, Cry Me a River

After a flood of disturbing information surrounding Obama’s Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, he finally decided to bail out. The timing was quite convenient I might add. Late night on a holiday weekend is the perfect time to sneak out of the back door, but Van Jones, in all of his arrogant glory, decided not to sneak out at all. He instead, resigned by way of a letter, not only saying that he was stepping down, but also throwing the blame all over the place hoping some of it would stick somewhere.

I find it very odd, but not surprising, that in spite of Obama’s strict vetting policy, someone like Jones could even make the first cut. I say not surprising, because Obama’s close friend and aide Valerie Jarrett all but admitted that they were not only aware of Jones’s background, but recruited him because of it. When I look back at all of the questions concerning Obama’s shady associations during the election that were shrugged off as being “fringe right wing paranoia,” I wonder if anyone is second guessing their original stance as an official Obama foot washer. No, that would never happen. Those on the far left would rather go spotted owl hunting with an assault rifle than ever admit to being wrong about anything.

I for one am glad than Mr.Jones is gone, but I am still concerned about the rest of Obama’s collection of card carrying fanatics who have not yet found the exit sign, or been properly vetted. If the job of taking out the trash is left up to bloggers and tea party protesters, then Obama will be able to hire replacement Czars faster than we can get rid of them. The whole Czar process needs to be deemed unconstitutional and dismantled for good.

The one problem I still have with Van Jones leaving his post is, he was allowed to quit, rather than be fired by the co-conspirator who hired him, thus allowing Jones to play the role of the victim. Had Obama fired him, he would only have himself and Obama to blame, but now he will blame the conservative “mob” for his own political suicide, throwing whole decks of race cards along the way. I just wonder how much influence Jones will have on Obama from the sidelines. He has been taken out of the spotlight, but Obama’s respect and admiration for his racist friend could still be well in tact. Obama could be having daily “beer summits” with Rev. Wright, Van Jones, or anyone else from the under the bus gang and we would never know it.