Jeb Bush to Run for Senate!!!

OK, so technically, he’s only “Considering” a Senate run, as you can see here:


But there is no way in hell he would ever say he was “considering” a run a mere few hours after Martinez announced he wasn’t seeking re-election if he weren’t virtually 100% certain he was going to run.

I’m guessing this was planned. I know he’s gotten some flack around here, but I’ve always liked Martinez. None-the-less, it was also clear to me that Martinez didn’t really “fit in” in the Senate. He doesn’t seem to enjoy his work and I think he probably just didn’t feel like going through a tough campaign for a job he wasn’t particularly jazzed about. I’m guessing he was willing to run again if it would be more difficult to keep his seat, but didn’t want to, and called up Jeb to see if he wanted to run.

I simply cannot imagine Jeb would come out with a statement this strong this soon after Martinez announced he wouldn’t seek re-election if this wasn’t already a done deal.

Regardless of what you think of Martinez, this is great news. Pretty much everybody likes Jeb, and the seat will go from toss up to gimmie for Republicans.

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