Palin inspires my first contribution to McCain

I’ve been lurking on Redstate for the better part of two years… If “refreshing Redstate every 30 minutes like an addict” can be called lurking. More like stalking.

I’m a social and fiscal conservative, in that order. Fred was my initial pick, and when he dropped out I reluctantly switched to McCain.

Yesterday evening, after watching Palin’s speech at Dayton, I made a donation to McCain’s campaign. So I suppose I was a part of the one-day $4.49 million haul inspired by her selection.

Read on for why I’m suddenly excited about this race.To this point, by extreme interest in the race has been of a negative kind – stop Hillary and Obama from destroying the America I love.

With a McCain-Palin ticket, I now have a team I am exited to vote for.

Together, John McCain and Sarah Palin have:

  • a hero’s story of love for America over love of self – despite my occasional disagreements with John McCain, I will always honor him for this.
  • a proven track record of fighting corruption no matter where it is found
  • a consistent record of fighting for citizens’ rights to keep their own money
  • a pro-life record with a great story of motherly love (just wait for the left to start deriding Sarah for her courageous choice to carry her baby with Downs Syndrome to term!). Sarah and her family are a living, breathing example of what “pro-life” is supposed to mean.
  • a potential first for America with a female Vice President… and instead of Hillary, a power-hungry woman who exemplifies some of the worst attributes of humankind, we have a Sarah, an America-loving, husband-loving, children-loving mother who exemplifies much of what is best and most noble in women’s souls.
  • executive experience. Only two years as a governor, sure. But Obama derides her 10 years as a mayor of a small town. Nonsense! Mayors of small towns know better than almost everyone what makes America tick, what makes America great, and what America needs.

For the first time, I’m really excited!

McCain-Palin ’08!