Responsibility by the people for the people

It became quite clear who I would vote for after McCain’s acceptance speech last week. What was McCain inviting the American people to do? Own their country through service. I am very clear that he is not in it for the glory or prestige or ego. I am also very clear that Obama has something personally at stake in this campaign that does not serve the American people.

I’ve noticed a need inside the psyche of our country. We are deluded with thoughts of entitlements. The government will solve this problem and this problem and this problem. The government should take care of us. Its the government’s job to handle this and that. The conversation is really all about the “Little Red Hen.” Everyone wants the benefits but no one wants the work. McCain has the gall to stand up and say enough!!

If we, the government, spend more money than we have to grant benefits to oursevles without the context of relationship we will inevitably become slaves to socialism and sacrifice our liberty for supposed security.

I believe dangerous ground lies ahead should Obama take the helm. He is not asking anything from the American people other than to vote for him because he’ll bring change. Change is a foolish word. What McCain is calling for is a shift from thinking that the government will do it for you to now thinking of how can you do it for yourself, for your community, for your country. He is wanting each one of us to step up and function as a family rather than a welfare program. It is in not depending upon the state for everything that we are free to tap into the wonderful & unique humanbeings we are.

The government was designed to set guidelines where the playing field is leveled so all can participate in life, liberty & pursuit of happiness. I believe McCain seeks to restore this purpose. The government was never designed to become “Papa Uncle Sam” where we throw all our problems to “him” to solve. The government is ill-equipped to carry us…afterall, we are the people. Its something we just don’t get…we are the people. We are the ones designated to make a difference.

I hear inspiration from McCain. I hear him asking something of me, something of you. Less government is more people. Less government is more liberty. Sure there are risks, but do we really want to live in a sanitized bubble? Vote for Obama and there you go…move government, less people. You’ll be safe from the world and you can bet he’ll make sure it’ll cost you (and not just your pocketbook).