Kamala Harris: Too Big to Jail - or even accuse - in San Francisco


Madame Speaker,

As you read this, please realize that if the daughter of your good friend Senator Dianne Feinstein and the woman you recently endorsed to be California’s Attorney General weren’t involved in my case I truly believe, as both legislator & a mother, you would be outraged by what has happened at the hands of those who swore to protect the vulnerable children of the City of San Francisco. Of course, it’s impossible to ignore that Judge Katherine Feinstein & D.A. Kamala Harris were involved, but as my elected representative, how can their identity stop you from dealing with me? Yes, I know better than most about the bloodsport that San Francisco politics can be since my family disappeared into a political bermuda triangle in 1998 because we accused the firefighters’ union I.A.F.F. local #798, their sacred cow charity S.F.F.D. Toy Program & it’s chairman, the late John Voelker of mail theft and sabotage rising from our Christmas 1997 appearance on Fox2News due to our plight with a blown engine on our schoolbus/home. That matter was settled out of court 12 July 1999 on #300155, Mayon v. I.A.F.F. local #798 for $6000 and a mutual stay-away order.

Since you are a busy person, as are the other 1500+ people in the media & government receiving this email, let me get right to the point. I want my family’s name out of California’s Child Abuse Index because the entire case was built on 48 examples of perjury, tampering, suppression & manufacturing of documenting evidence.  We have quietly fought for justice in every court in San Francisco, but to no avail, obviously because of the political bluebloods involved. Since the courts (Superior, Appellate, California Supremes & the 9th Federal district) have rejected our incessant demand for accountability, I finally turned my hopeless fury into a book Collected Letters from the Abyss that I released online earlier this month @ http://ramonamayon.com available in an instant-view mass-distribution format. It is a citizen’s indictment documenting a conspiracy between C.P.S. who provided the perjury, S.F.P.D. who refused to investigate our allegations against S.F.F.D. & the City Attorney’s Office who prosecuted us for 3 years on the grounds that I put our children at risk for neglect due to my use of medical marijuana (letter from UCSF’s Dept. of Neurology gotten months earlier), taking legal (but not PHYSICAL) custody of our four children, thus denying us the right to travel back to Louisiana where we have family & land, where we would have pursued the interests of justice from a safe harbor. We were never San Franciscans – we were here for our wedding & dream honeymoon, marrying at City Hall 14 Nov 1997. We remain Louisianans, even after nearly 13 years here.

From 26 April 1998, when Children Protective Services responded to the hotline call from the late John Voelker, until 11 June 2001 when the Commissioner William Gargano returned legal custody of our family to us, we have fought tooth and nail to bring the truth to light. Our attorney in the union matter, Steven Bouvarnick, advised us to adhere to the letter of the settlement which included the clause “Do No Harm”, so effectively I have worn a paper muzzle until even the ten-year statute under the R.I.C.O. act was over, because what the union did, they did under the color of authority, thus automatically making it racketeering. By waiting, we ensured even the signees’ pensions were safe. We kept our word, even while they had a machine at their disposal. Madam Speaker, as much as you don’t want to hear this, it was machine politics at it’s best. If there were some way for you to replace the players in my book with someone you didn’t know, say from Chicago, you’d see it, too.

I don’t take these steps lightly, nor without fear. After all, on 16 Dec 1998, while I was at our attorney’s office receiving the final draft of the lawsuit, across town in Golden Gate Park, my husband was being brutally assaulted by three men. That was quite a message to come home to. He was hospitalized for 30 days and very nearly died. My book describes all that as well as how the C.P.S. refused to even acknowledge what had happened; indeed, how they lied in court about everything that was, in reality, happening.

Even after we were returned legal custody of the children, we couldn’t leave San Francisco because of the dreadful lies set in legal cement by the City Attorney’s office, led each in their own time by your friends, 1998-2000 Katherine Feinstein and 2000-2003 Kamala Harris. This false case would follow us anywhere we went, but if we stayed here, we knew C.P.S. wouldn’t bother us again because they knew we knew about the lies. A stand-off, one that kept our children safe, but one that meant we could never return to the quiet, wonderful rural life we once had, at least not until our children were past the age of being taken by that Gestapo that C.P.S. has become ever since Congress began funding a bounty on every American child’s head of $6000 a month.  All that federal money, without oversight nor accountability, shame on all you politicians, who just sign bills and never look to see what you are really doing.  Go online and read a few of the heart-breaking stories, then take a look at the unlimited power social workers wield – do something drastic & dramatic about it, why don’t you.  We all end up judged before God, I’d hate to be called to account for this debacle!

My book uses the City’s own hard paper to document every threat, every lie, every suppression, every example of tampering, everything in their words not mine, because, after all, who would believe me? As the judge in the recent landmark case, Humphries v. County of Los Angeles, wrote in his opinion declaring California’s Child Abuse Index unconstitutional under the 14th amendment, to be declared a child abuser in modern society is a type of moral leprosy. And didn’t that serve the firefighters’ union well, first that the City Attorney’s office of Louise Renne would force us to remain in San Francisco ensuring that we had no access to any other court but this, and secondly, should we ever make it back to Louisiana, our reputation was shredded.

Even now who would listen to me? My book has been out two weeks and the silence from the local and state media has been deafening. However, I am finding that the Internet is that great equalizer everyone has always thought it would be. But I already knew that would happen, thus the title of the book, Collected Letters from the Abyss.

Yours in Christ,

Ramona Mayon

Next actions:

1st, a complaint to the California Bar Association re. Kamala Harris prosecuting us in spite of several C.P.S. reports that repeatedly stated that there were “no actual C.P.S. concerns or issues with this family”, as well a complaint to the Judicial Performance Panel (on which Judge Feinstein sits) to review the original foundation of lies that she oversaw in 1998-1999.

2nd, since no one has complied with the 9th federal district’s court directive to alter the procedure that surrounds attempting to remove one’s name from the Child Abuse Index, we will apply to the director of D.H.S. Trent Rhorer to re-examine the records, then direct Cal. DOJ to remove our listing.

3rd, when he refuses to do that, we will proceed to federal court in an attempt to force a change in due process. We understand that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear Humphries v. County of Los Angeles in the fall.

4th, we will ask the current attorney general, Jerry Brown, to independently review this miscarriage of justice and remove our name.

5th and finally, we will seek to form a coalition of all the groups on the Internet screaming about the corruption in Family Law courts, in order to draft a bill of rights for every child at risk from an uncontrollable, unaccountable Children Protective Services.  At that time, we will return to Congress, who supplies them with the money but no oversight and demand change.

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