Thought y'all might like to see what i just emailed the White House

A new book, available only online in an instant-view format, documents a conspiracy between agencies to protect a popular firefighter, his union & their sacred cow charity from our 1998 allegations of mail theft and sabotage.  I am still the angriest woman in North America, which refers to how I began a 24pg letter to John Ashcroft 2 August 2002.  We quietly settled #300155 out-of-court on 12 July 1999 on the civil complaint of Conversion (of the funds sent by Fox2News viewers Christmas 1997), Accounting, Common Count, Imposition of Constructive Trust, Negligence (the sabotage), Fraud & Deceit. However, the City Attorney’s office blocked our right-to-travel, forbidding us to return to family & land in Louisiana, from 10 July 1998-11 June 2001 all the while systematically destroying our reputation with nearly four-dozen lies (documented in the manuscript by the City’s own hard paper) supplied by a corrupted Children’s Protective Service.
Our good family name is forever trapped in the State of California’s monster data bank of unfit parents.  What these activist judges set in legal cement will always follow us.  S.F.P.D., F.B.I., and the courts (all the way to the California Supremes) folded their hands and did nothing.
What’s worse than the crime?  Everybody knows what that it’s the cover-up.  But what’s worse than the cover-up?  That would be when those in charge of those who looked the other way keep right on climbing into ever-bigger seats of power.  Specifically I refer to two women in your circle, these two political bluebloods were the deputy city attorneys in charge @ San Francisco City Hall while I was being carried out the back door and buried: Katherine Feinstein, 1998-2000 now a judge (and the daughter of California’s sr. senator) and Kamala Harris class of 2000-2003, now District Attorney running hard to be California’s Attorney General, and who recently had tea at the White House and read from her book ‘Smart on Crime’.
I can & will prove our children were held for three-and-a-half years as political hostages while their father and I sued the firefighters’ union.  We did as our attorney advised, waiting the full ten-year statute of silence, adhering to the letter of the settlement;  now they, the firefighters’ union, can’t be touched, not even by the R.I.C.O. act.  Now, our obligation is over.  Now, with the self-publication of this manuscript, I can begin to address the chain conspiracy between the different City agencies to protect the firefighters’ union , all of whom enjoy blanket immunity with what they do.  Now, I intend to ask Congress how it is possible that they – or should I say, the American people – supply, without any federal oversight, the money for criminal enterprises by certain city employees who can’t be touched.
Please understand where I get my fury in this civil war:  my paternal grandmother was the first woman to work in the U.S. post office of my hometown of Mansfield, Louisiana.  It’s in my blood.
From Day One, I went postal.  But in a calm legal way.  And I did warn them.  How could I let anybody get away with stealing my bloody mail?  Or a dozen snotty, lying social workers ignore that my mail had been stolen in the first place?
The question is, will Congress?  Because I know the public won’t.
Yours in Christ,
Ramona Mayon

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