Obama, the Hypocrite, What’s He Hiding?

            Barak Obama has repeatedly labeled the Bush administration “one of the most secretive administrations in American History.”  He even chided Hillary Clinton, then a senator, for NOT releasing her White House schedules:  a strange bit of finger-pointing at a former first lady.  As always, the President talks one game and walks another . . . what is he hiding?  Consider these “secret” matters in Obama’s life:


            Item:  He has never released his actual birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.  He and liberal bloggers made a big point that John McCain was born outside the United States in a U.S. military hospital in Panama.  But Obama is the only President of the United States whose birthplace is unknown to the public.  His own family has mentioned two different hospitals in Hawaii as the possible place of birth.


            Item:  numerous documents requested by reporters have never been revealed.


            Item:  While John McCain released a complete medical file of more than 1,500 pages about his health, Obama released one small document.


            Item:  Obama has refused to release official papers as an Illinois state senator; nor his private correspondence such as appointment schedules, lobbyist letters, etc. like others in the public eye routinely do.


            Item:  Obama ignored requests for his records from Occidental College or Columbia University.  Presidential candidates typically do this within a heartbeat of being asked.


            Item:  Obama stated he’d performed only a few hours of legal work for a non-profit connected to Tony Rezko, a Chicago businessman convicted of fraud last year.  He refused to release billing records that might have proven this true.


            Item:  Obama’s Harvard Law School records are similarly not released nor his application to the Illinois State Bar when it was alleged his application may have contained false information.


            Item:  While McCain released a list of all on-line campaign donors, at least $250 million-worth of Obama’s donors are still unknown.


            Item:  Obama has appointed 23 “Czars” to control huge swaths of America’s business and political life.  None of these appointees has been vetted by the congress; examined by the FBI or approved by any legislative bodies.  Most importantly, in large part, we have no idea of the connections these people have to Obama or to Obama’s cronies.


            Item:  Barak Obama has become judge, jury and executioner in two huge bankruptcies, those of Chrysler and General Motors.  The nation is not privy to the minutes or anything about what went on during those “procedures.”  In fact, everything he did flew in the face of 223 years of bankruptcy law and precedent.  As a result Indiana State pension fund holders, secured creditors, received pennies on the dollar and the UAW, without similar standing was issued ownership of 16% of all Chrysler stock.  Not only did Obama bankrupt teachers, police officers and 45 other secured creditors he potentially fattened the wallets of one of his biggest campaign donors.  The public has a right to know how this was done.


            Item:  To date there is NO accounting for how all the bailout/stimulus money is being spent.


            Item:  A strange pattern seems to be emerging from Obama’s interference in the Chrysler bankruptcy . . .  despite “donations” of $14,000 per car, profitable Chrysler dealerships have been told they must close.  The vast majority of these appear to be McCain supporters; or rival dealerships within 25 miles of Obama-supporting dealerships and it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not the Obama-supporting dealerships were profitable or not.   The public has been given NO information as to what criteria were chosen for these closures other than the scandalous ones mentioned.  Nor have they been told what the criteria are for the even greater number of announced GM dealership closings.  Under these bailout conditions, what possible justifications can exist for closing dealerships profitable before the bailouts?


            Item:  All of these items point to hypocrisy since Barak, the Beloved, made a point of promising an “unprecedented level of openness in government.


            Item:  While the Obama administration made big political hay by mentioning the “Freedom of Information Act” when exposing supposed so-called interrogation abuses by the Bush administration with regard to Guantanamo detainees even including “torture,” they pointedly refused to release information about the “good that was achieved by the interrogations” as requested by Vice President Cheney.  Selective freedom, can such a thing exist?


            One-time Obama infatuee Keith Olbermann, in early April, lambasted Obama and his Depart of Justice (Eric Holder) use of the state secrets doctrine to “exceed anything the Bush administration with its misguided patriotic zeal ever even attempted.”  It appears Mr. Obama would rather not give up the right to “illegally spy on Americans” which he so pointedly and heatedly censored during the campaign.  When it comes to transparency and civil liberties, Obama is making anything done by the Bush administration look like child’s play.  Kevin Bankston of Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF, a noted critic of the Bush White House’s activities was one of Olbermann’s guests and detailed the roadblocks and stonewalling that Obama and Holder have placed in the way of EFF’s suing the Bush administration.  Why?  Because apparently Mr. Obama is already using those same “illegal tactics” himself.  Of course the actions represented “lawless tyranny” under Bush but “justifiable information-gathering” to all the dyed-in-the-wool Obama supporters out there . . . .


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,