A republican who thought of straying then sarah palin helped me find my way

After watching President Bush fumble about and mess up so much, I began to look at the democrats to seek hope. I have been a member of the republican party since 1988. But I voted for President Clinton in the 1992 election. I did this after our current Presidents father had failed to inspire me to vote for him. I then voted for our current president only because I felt he was the better choice than Gore or Kerry. I am very disturbed by bushs actions and got caught up in ther obama mistique. But when Mccain chose Govenor Palin as his running mate, I could not resist my curosisty, and gave it a look. She is amazing and I find her to be a breath of fresh air to even obama or mccain. That she is willing to take on all that she has and still be honest a bout her daughters pregnantcy. Well I will be casting my vote for Her and Mccain in the election, because of her. Thank you Governor Palin for restoring my faith in the party I was so intune with back in 1988. Go Republicans lets get it right this time!